An increase in the number of men keen to join the Springfield Lions cricket team

An increase in the number of men keen to join the Springfield Lions cricket team is no surprise, with mental health and physical activity the primary focus of the Springfield Lions Club.

The Club has been running for almost two years, with two teams involving male players aged between 20-45 years old.

The Springfield Lions Club media officer Satya Yelisetti said the teams consisted of university students, doctors, scientists, university lecturers, business owners and various types of engineers.

Mr Yelisetti said the Springfield Lions Cricket team provided men of all ages a safe place for better mental health and the opportunity to play in regular tournaments.

“It’s an opportunity to get physically active and make connections with their peers,” Mr Yelisetti said.

“People make new friends and apart from winning people have loads of fun together.”

Mr Yelisetti said teams included players from all ages, backgrounds and communities.

“We wanted to test our skills on a broader level and motivate ourselves and surrounding cricket teams to excel,” he said.

There is a lot of interest in the game – 70% of the players from most of the participating teams are from the Greater Springfield region like Springfield, Springfield Lakes, Spring Mountain, Augustine Heights, Redbank Plains, Bellbird Park, Goodna, Yamanto, and Ripley.”

He said the support from families to play cricket and have fun was “immense”.

“Without their support and encouragement, we wouldn’t have made a team and the club we have today,” he said.

“Apart from the families, local Springfield businesses have always come forward to help us run the club or teams right from a grass root level.”

Mr Yelisetti said there were not many cricket clubs in the Springfield area and the reason many players had showed a keen interest in the sport.

“The convenience of a close cricket ground and culture of the club has helped attract more people,” he said.

“Cricket has been an important part of the Australian way of life for over a century. Communities that participate in a social sport develop strong social bonds, are safer places and the people who live in them are generally healthier and happier than places where physical activity isn’t a priority.

“Sport builds stronger, healthier, happier and safer communities and we think we are providing an opportunity for everyone to get active, healthy and make new friends.”

Meanwhile the Springfield Lions cricket team has taken part in three tournaments to date, two of which they have been finalists. The tournaments include:

SSG T20 Tournament 2020 – Oct-Nov 2020 – Lost in leagues

S.R.R.R. Friendship Series 2021- Jun-Sep 2021 – Runners

Ipswich Friendship Cup 2021 – Oct-Nov 2021 – Runners

Mr Yelisetti said the club would no doubt attract more interest from local families next year.

“The Springfield and Greater Springfield areas are growing, and more and more people are moving here,” he said.

“Also, because of the regular tournaments we play and participate in, Springfield Lions is gaining popularity – people are approaching us to join and play.”

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