Drift restaurant floating out of control and in ruins was one of the most infamous images of the Queensland flood disaster but from next month it will be back.

Ironically Queensland restaurateur David Moore and his award-winning Drift team have at last found dry land at the prestigious Brookwater Golf and Country Club at Springfield.

Mr Moore said he had been financially and emotionally devastated when his floating restaurant was destroyed but a phone call from long-time Drift diner Maha Sinnathamby has given him and his staff a chance to start afresh.

“It’s no secret we shed a few tears over the demise of Drift Milton but the time comes when you have to start again and we have an opportunity to do exactly that with Drift Brookwater,” David said.

“We’ve been in a sort of limbo since the floods but we’re getting ready to open the doors again and do what we do best – offer great food and entertainment in a relaxed atmosphere.

“I have known Maha Sinnathamby as a diner for a long time but when he rang me to talk about setting up at his Brookwater Golf Course, it was right out of the blue.

“My first question was whether Brookwater or Springfield flooded and it was a huge relief when the answer was an emphatic ‘no’.”

Mr Sinnathamby said he offered Brookwater as the new home to Drift as he admired David’s commitment to his business and his way of making his customers feel welcome and at ease.

“I thought the real tragedy was that Drift was twice impacted by the floods – first the restaurant was dramatically swept away and later it seemed David would be unable to rebuild his business any time soon, if at all,” Maha said.

“I knew a successful restaurateur like David would not sit around feeling sorry for himself so I approached him with an business opportunity to bring his famous team to Brookwater.

“Not many people could face what David has been through and remain so positive – he is an inspiration to everyone affected by the floods.

Mr Moore said renowned chef Romain Bapst (formerly of Il Centro) would be as Executive Chef at the new Drift Brookwater restaurant.

“It’s fantastic Romain will continue with Drift Brookwater because, as we did with Drift Milton, we want to combine casual dining and a bistro-styled restaurant with live entertainment,” he said.

“I’d never been to Brookwater before Maha’s offer so I hopped in the car and had a look. I can’t believe how beautiful it is and it has a perfect location right in the middle of the country’s fastest growing area.

“We are going to give Springfield and the entire Western Corridor a very unique experience with a restaurant the likes of which has never been seen in this region before.”

Mr Sinnathamby said Drift Brookwater had all the ingredients to be a success.

“Three families a day are moving to Springfield as it is a new and fast-growing city. With many big businesses moving in and a rail line to be completed in 2013, there are a lot of potential customers,” he said.

“Brookwater is the jewel in the crown of Greater Springfield with its Greg Norman-designed golf course recently rated number one public access course in Queensland for the fifth year in a row.”