Springfield City Group’s Deputy Chairman, Bob Sharpless, drew a full crowd in his debut keynote speech for the Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce earlier this month.

As part of his address, the SCG Deputy Chairman took the time to highlight the key events of the Greater Springfield journey and described it as the “gift that keeps on giving.”

Mr Sharpless also touched on the profound impact Greater Springfield has had on the growth of the region, contributing two out of three new residents to the area since 1991.

“From an early time, we had an aspiration to do something here that was so much bigger than anyone else could see,” Mr Sharpless said.

“We are invested for the long-term and the stakeholders that have invested in this project have joined with us in playing the long game.

“Greater Springfield is the gift that keeps on giving and there are many projects I know I won’t be here to see, but that is the kind of foresight we have always had and I’m proud of that.”

Mr Sharpless further highlighted key events from the Greater Springfield journey and inspired the crowd with his message of never taking no for an answer.

He also spoke about important projects on the horizon and the vision for the city and said he hoped to see a public hospital in Greater Springfield in the near future.

The event was held at the Brookwater Golf and Country Club on March 6.