Are you looking to grow your Brisbane business but feeling bogged down by the constant need to invest in IT infrastructure? Is your IT team wanting to use their skills and resources more effectively but finding themselves constantly required for maintenance of current systems?

It may be that your business is ready for colocation with one of Australia’s most technologically advanced data centres, all within a half hour drive of Brisbane CBD.

What does Colocation mean?

Colocation offers businesses the opportunity to transfer their data footprint to a shared data centre to attain the processing power of some of the biggest technology companies in the world – all without requiring the massive capital investment or inhouse expertise.

How Can Colocation Technology Help Your Business?

As your company grows, so does its demand for data and high-speed processes. This necessity for growth can take a huge bite out of both capital and resources just in the maintenance and security of your data – which only continues as your business continues to grow.

Colocation Reduces Business IT Costs

Purpose-built facilities also remove the need to worry about infrastructure management and continued investment as their data needs expand. This initial and then continued investment in on-premise data and hardware, not to mention maintenance costs, is increasingly a burden for businesses. Using a data centre in Brisbane also allows your business to add efficiency and flexibly to ensure your IT infrastructure and data needs runny flawlessly.

And the best part? Colocation moves the brunt of your budget into a manageable fee rather than a capital black hole that never seems to stop growing.

It is for this reason that colocation of Brisbane businesses is on the rise – Data centres, such as Polaris Data Centre in Greater Springfield, are purpose-designed featuring state-of-the-art technology and maintained at the highest level to avoid downtime. With technology improving at a faster pace to what businesses can keep up with, it’s clear why so many Brisbane businesses are collocating their data needs to purpose-built facilities.

Colocation allows you to outsource the production and maintenance of the latest and most powerful technology for just a monthly fee.

Collocating at a Data Centre keeps your Data Secure

Collocating your IT needs to a dedicated data centre in Brisbane also removes any concerns your business may have regarding security. Data breaches can destroy businesses and the investment involved in maintaining both physical and cybersecurity can be enormous.

Colocation at the Polaris Tier 3 Data Centre

What are some of the challenges with Colocation?

Prior to moving to a colocation solution, a business needs to take the time to audit all their existing data and determine if they are ready. While some businesses may see the necessity to have processing and storage capacity of a large data centre, others may not. Assessing the size of the business’s current IT footprint, preferences for control over their data, and, most importantly, the growth potential of the business itself is crucial in deciding whether the business should utilise a colocation solution.

Laying out a clear migration plan is crucial to a successful data transition and is often overlooked.  Moving to a data centre typically requires a migration team and involves costs surrounding the transportation and installation of data. If the transition is to be smooth, understanding and timing the migration as to not disrupt the day-to-day operations of the business must be planned before commencing a move to a colocation.

Colocation Close to Brisbane CBD at the Polaris Data Centre

The Polaris Data Centre is widely regarded as Australia’s leading, most modern, highly secure, purpose-built data centre. The Polaris Data Centre offers a wide range of services including IT services, ICT solutions, cloud-based services and telecommunications, all which establish the colocation option to exceed business’ expectations.

Greater Springfield’s Polaris Data Centre features world-class security systems designed to Tier 3+ standards. Along with the onsite security monitoring continuously, the facility also features biometric access control measures for each floor, non-stop video surveillance, bullet-proof glass, vehicle traps and is designed to be and situated in a geographic area unaffected by natural disasters.

Colocation Close to Brisbane at the Polaris Data Centre

Colocation is an obvious solution to transforming the capabilities of a business’s IT setup while saving the time and money needed to acquire that same level of infrastructure and expertise. But, do make sure that you have fully evaluated both the business’s transferrable data and the facility you intend to migrate to as planning will be the key to a successful transition to a colocation.

Learn more about colocation and the Polaris Data Centre today to get your business colocation migration underway!