Celebrating International Nurses Day

Springfield City Group on behalf of the Greater Springfield community was proud to present Mater Private Hospital Springfield a sweet surprise this morning in celebration of International Nurses Day – Nursing the World to Health.

100 cupcakes were gifted to the hospital as a nod of thanks to all medical and hospital staff who continue to go above and beyond for our community.

Springfield City Group’s Team Leader for the Greater Springfield Specialist Suites, Uma Ranchigoda said it was important to give back to our health workers during this busy time.

“It has always been our vision to create a city with world-class health facilities for our residents and the region more broadly and in turn, to attract the best health professionals, including Mater Private Hospital Springfield,” Ms Ranchigoda said.

“We understand it has been a very busy time for medical staff and all hospital workers, so on behalf of Greater Springfield we wanted to offer this small token of our appreciation on International Nurses Day.”

Mater Private Hospital Springfield Director of Clinical Services, Suzanne Hawksley said it was a great pleasure to be able to service Greater Springfield and the region.

“We love being a part of the wonderful supportive community that exists here in Greater Springfield,” Ms Hawksley said.

“In this extraordinary time Mater Private Hospital Springfield nurses remain dedicated to providing the highest level of health care for our patients, so to receive a lovely gesture like this is always appreciated.