Relaxed dining and ‘something for all’ is the ethos behind Greater Springfield’s newest food and beverage offering.

Vibe Kitchen and Bar has taken out a tenancy on the ground level of the GE Building and is now open

Owners Richard and Amanda Bolton said the idea for the restaurant had been years in the making and the location the perfect space to realise their dream.

“We’ve been in the area for a while and Amanda has been a head chef for close to 20 years, so we’ve had a plan in place all that time, we’ve just been waiting for the right spot to open,” Mr Bolton said.

“The second we were offered this space I knew instantly this is where we needed to be because it just had a really nice feel to it.

“It also suits what we were looking for— something big, open, relaxed and friendly and welcoming to all.”

The restaurant will serve a variety of food and beverage options including gluten-free and vegan, with a hint of UK-inspired dishes. It also has the capacity to cater to functions for up to 150 people.

The couple and their three children migrated to Australia from Scotland seven years ago and said support for their business so far had been overwhelming.

“I know there are a lot of clichés out there, but this is just a great community and everyone we speak to is really excited for us to open,” Mr Bolton said.

“Within the first week of advertising we had 210 people apply for the 15 positions we were offering, so I think that says a lot about just how popular this place will be.

“We want Vibe Kitchen and Bar to be somewhere that anyone can come to, be it a couple with their children, a ladies’ night out or to host a baby shower.”

Springfield City Group managing director Raynuha Sinnathamby said the new restaurant was a great addition to the current food and beverage options already available in the area.

“We are extremely proud to host a wide variety of places for people to eat and enjoy their time with family and friends in Greater Springfield,” Ms Sinnathamby said.

“You can see from the number of job applicants that there is a good range of local candidates and this aligns itself with our jobs strategy of creating one job per every three residents.

“The GE Building is a prime location for a restaurant offering and we wish Vibe Kitchen and Bar every success.”

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