The eleven Principals of schools in Greater Springfield recently formalised a leadership collective to work closer together as a coalition to progress Greater Springfield as a Learning City.

A Learning City is an aspiration whereby life-long learning is expected and valued by the whole community; where learning can be seen and felt to flourish; opportunities and choices abound; and curiosity and discovery are championed.

The Memorandum of Understanding signed today is a shared good faith based declaration that our leaders will cooperate and exchange information and best practice on opportunities for collective benefit. This is a recognition that belonging and working together is greater than any can do on their own, and that we subscribe to the same end outcomes for young people.

The Learning Coalition will only be involved in higher order matters needed to nurture a seamless Learning City. It will not be involved in, nor intrude into, operational or transactional matters and will only ever be complementary to individual identities and brands.

The Learning Coalition has determined four key areas of mutual interest.

  • Sustainability for growth
  • Pursuit of learning excellence
  • Economy and jobs
  • Data sharing

The first immediate task for the Learning Coalition is to plan and deliver in late 2019 the inaugural biannual Festival of Learning across Greater Springfield, encompassing a myriad of connected events and activities across the City that showcase and celebrate learning.

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