Greater Springfield’s founder releases his biography

The book of how one man’s determination and courage created Australia’s best and largest master-planned community is being released for the first time next month.

Stop Not Till the Goal is Reached – the motto of Greater Springfield founder Maha Sinnathamby – outlines the 10 principles for fearless success that inspired him to build a city.

Maha migrated to Australia as a young man with his wife, Yoga, and preschool children and, despite, opposition and tragedy, turned poverty into plenty.

He began his life in war-torn Malaysia, with one of his earliest memories his father being dragged off to be a Japanese prisoner of war.
“Poverty followed me throughout my childhood, and my parents sacrificed more than you can imagine to ensure each of us received an education,” he said.

Imagining Australia to be the world of plenty, Maha found instead doors closed in the economically depressed times of 1970s Australia.
“Australia was a bleak place for a migrant desperate to support his family, and there was no work, anywhere,” he said.

“Yet without these sufferings, I could never have learned the persistence that comes from enduring suffering and failure.

“And without this persistence, I could never have sustained my vision for this wonderful city, Springfield.

“And that is why this book needed to be written.”

But Stop Not Till the Goal is Reached is more than just a tale of persistence. It also outlines the 10 principles Maha has drawn on throughout his successful life as a property developer and entrepreneur in order to not only find success – but to start again after devastating failure.

Each chapter outlines a principle, and includes guides for readers to apply the principles to their own lives, too.

“Nothing is more important to me than knowing that people who read this book are inspired to press on towards greater success,” Maha said. “I want people to know and own their vision, and to stop at nothing to achieve it.”

Stop Not by Maha Sinnathamby is available online at