Health and Wellness Planning in Greater Springfield

The planning of Greater Springfield applies a conscious approach to creating an environment where people can live active lives within a wellness focused community. A healthy and vibrant lifestyle is the mantra of Greater Springfield. Investment has been made into the development of open spaces, parks and bikeways, sustainable developments, as well as the incorporation of healthy community initiatives and various other forms of activities. Furthermore where health services are to be developed, they will be done so in a co-ordinated, integrated fashion to ensure patients receive a complete and holistic experience. Health City Springfield Central is the designated central core of the health and wellness offering in Greater Springfield. Adjacent to Health City Springfield Central is the Springfield Central State High School that will be delivering a health curriculum, which will teach students the keys to healthy living as well as introductions to the opportunities for employment in the health industry. The Mater Private Hospital Springfield aims to provide care to both private and public patients, providing a hub of world-class medical services for the entire Greater Springfield community. Learn more about our dedication to Hospital Development and Acute Care and our Aged Care and Senior Living facilities.

The Bigger Picture

Worldwide, our healthcare system today faces escalating challenges. Exponentially rising costs, rising prevalence in chronic disease and an ever increasing ageing population are placing tremendous pressure on our healthcare systems. There is an increasing need to reduce costs, increase efficiency and provide value. Above all, there is a need to truly consider the consumer at the centre, greater health promotion, and to provide incentives for better health outcomes. The Shifting Health by Design program is focused on provoking innovative thinking and co-creation to shift health from illness towards wellness and explore the future possibility of a better health system.