Community Health in Greater Springfield

A healthy and vibrant lifestyle is the mantra of Greater Springfield.  Investment has been made into the development of open spaces, parks and bikeways, sustainable developments, as well as the development of healthy community initiatives and various other forms of activities. Furthermore where health services are to be developed, they will be done so in a co-ordinated, integrated fashion to ensure patients receive a complete and holistic experience.

A range of health hubs are conveniently located throughout Greater Springfield, most of which provide an array of affiliated allied health services and are located close to retail pharmacy facilities.

Health City Springfield Central is the designated central core of the health and wellness offering in Greater Springfield. It is a 52 hectare integrated health precinct which aims to deliver a health and wellness experience for the community through the provision of quality healthcare, medical education and research as well as seniors living.

Shifting Health by Design

We are excited to announce that we have officially kicked off our first exploration for Shifting Health by Design. This exploration considers how we can engage the aging population and how we can start a different conversation about aging.

The objective of this exploration is to facilitate a disruption in the way people think and feel about aging, a shift from the traditional way of thinking about ‘getting old’ to thinking that a new chapter in life is beginning.

Using a Design to Innovate approach, information will be obtained directly from ‘end users’, whilst leveraging expertise from a diverse group of individuals. A scoping workshop with internal stakeholders including the Health City Springfield Central partners and Mobile Rehab was held 28 April 2017. Following this, interviews with individuals and/or groups of end users will be undertaken to understand key problems, needs, opportunities and themes.

Information from the interviews will then form the basis of a ‘Think Tank’ where current issues and unmet needs (‘What is’) will be further explored to identify opportunities and any areas of concern that can be eliminated or reduced (‘What if’). Hypotheses and ideas will then be tested with a group of end users (i.e. focus group) as part of a community event to be held in the second half of June 2017. Please stay tuned here for further updates on these upcoming activities.

View Shifting Health by Design Manifesto

For more information or to find out how you can get involved, please contact us via our