Shifting Health by Design

Worldwide, our healthcare system today faces escalating challenges. Exponentially rising costs, rising prevalence in chronic disease and an ever increasing ageing population are placing tremendous pressure on our healthcare systems. There is an increasing need to reduce costs, increase efficiency and provide value. Above all, there is a need to truly consider the consumer at the centre, greater health promotion, and to provide incentives for better health outcomes.

The Shifting Health by Design program is focused on provoking innovative thinking and co-creation to shift health from illness towards wellness and explore the future possibility of a better health system.

Shifting Health by Design was launched in 2016 and is pioneered by Health City Springfield Central, facilitated by Aurecon, in partnership with Mater Health Services, Aveo and Springfield City Group.

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Shifting Health by Design Manifesto 2018
Programme 2018 – Join the Conversation
Conversation Capture 2018
Responses to Attendees
Shifting Health by Design Manifesto 2016
Exploration 1 – Exploration on Engaging the Ageing Population, the Future of Ageing

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