The Narrative

Information Technology is one of the key pillars of Greater Springfield and forms an important component of the emerging city’s world-award winning signature master plan.

Currently the most significant driver for smart city development is improving city infrastructures such as energy, water, and transportation systems. Some smart city projects have been initiated, mostly in smaller pilots, but overall smart city development is still largely in various degrees of planning.

The physical infrastructure now in place in Greater Springfield is first class, with road, rail, schools, a hospital and retail all in place.

The virtual infrastructure can now evolve quickly and provide the fusion between the physical world and the online world. This connectivity and intelligence, based upon real-time data about interactions, will create opportunities for improved liveability and creation of new value.

By building a digital platform, other businesses can easily connect their business, build products and services on top of it, and thereby co-create value. In such a networked eco-system, digital governance is required to establish the conditions that those part of the community can come to create and consume value.

In fact, few developments globally other than Greater Springfield can say that it has its own digital master plan. A plan which ensures that adaption, creation and adoption of digital technologies and processes are taken into account exponentially as Greater Springfield grows into an efficient and cost effective destination to live, learn, work or play.

The focus of the plan is to facilitate further innovation in Greater Springfield, long-term sustainability, enhanced citizen-focussed governance and job creation. In doing so, it will improve the functioning of the city, making it a better place to live, work learn and play as well as to visit. It will advance the attractiveness of the city and amenity for home owners and businesses who can see the benefits of being at the leading edge in an environment suited to tech companies and digital start-ups.