Digital Master Plan

Greater Springfield’s digital master plan seeks bring together the best of human imagination and radical efficiency in information transmission, to enable greater creativity and community centred value.

The digital master plan is designed to position Greater Springfield as a leader in cutting-edge technology infrastructure:

  • The building blocks of a digital infrastructure include an interconnected network of infrastructure and services. This network provides the connectivity and capability to integrate services for the citizens and businesses in Greater Springfield.
  • The digital network is an enabler for the (EOI) Internet of Things or digital technologies.
  • As our city become entirely powered by digital technologies, they can begin to be seen as a platform of virtual interaction between people and things; allowing culture and code to connect, collaborate, and collide.
  • Greater Springfield has the ability to evolve quickly and provide the fusion of both the physical and digital worlds. This connectivity and intelligence, based upon real-time data about everyday interactions, will create new value opportunities, and improved the liveability of the city.
  • Greater Springfield community will have access to more intelligent platforms to assist their lifestyle, with access to data for personal health, business performance, self-improvement and education. This interconnectivity is at the very heart of Springfield — a living, breathing ecosystem of data.

360-data can feed back into products and services — allowing a personal offering like never before.



Digital health records will support the new economy zone and provide researchers with richer health and activity data for their studies.


Today, co-working spaces provide the city a physical location in terms of adaption and adoption of digital technologies and processes.


An educated, motivated and inspired workforce; understands the benefits of living in a master planned, digitally connected community.


Policies and frameworks will support various stakeholders to interact and extract value, while complying with important legal requirements.