It would be a brave person who’d suggest to 2011 Sinnathamby Continuing Scholarship recipient, Laura Inglis that with two degrees already under her belt, an impressive career in healthcare and management behind her and three children, she should just sit back and rest for awhile.

A powerhouse of energy, Ms Inglis is not only embarking on a second career in law but is racking up a 6.33 grade point average in the Bachelor of Law program and a Dean’s Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement while she is at it.

Ms Inglis said she was very grateful to Springfield City Group for the scholarship which is valued at $15,600.

‘The support the scholarship offers will really make a difference to me,’ she said.

This isn’t the first time Ms Inglis has found herself at such a crossroads.

‘In 1999 I withdrew from a business/law degree while a second year because of financial reasons,’ she said.

‘At the time I had a 5 year-old and 2 year-old twin boys. Now that my children are older I have re-enrolled to follow my dream of obtaining a law degree.’

‘One of my twins would like to follow in my footsteps and go onto university studies, so I believe it is important to be a role model to him by finishing my own studies while providing him with the best education to prepare him for an academic career. I would like to thank Springfield City Group very much for the opportunity to continue as I am not superwoman and things were beginning to be stretched too tight.’

On completion of her Law degree Ms Inglis would like to study further to become a Barrister and work in either criminal law or medical negligence.

Springfield City Group Chairman, Maha Sinnathamby, congratulated Ms Inglis on her quest for academic improvement.

‘I am very proud to be able to assist Laura in achieving her academic goals,’ Mr Sinnathamby said.

‘Education is the currency of the future and we are always happy to invest in a student who realises its value and has a thirst for knowledge.’

‘Education is central to the Greater Springfield story. We are building a lifelong learning precinct called Education City because we are committed to investing in human capital at Greater Springfield.

‘Around 14 years ago we welcomed our first student to the city and now there are more than 8700 students learning in Greater Springfield in one form or another. That is staggering growth by anyone’s measure and that number will grow as the city expands.’