Greater Springfield Parks and Recreational Facilities

From its inception, one third of Greater Springfield has been dedicated to open green space including fields and parklands dedicated to recreation. Together, Greater Springfield’s master plan has resulted in a conservation corridor linking the White Rock Conservation Corridor and Spring Mountain, Spring Lake and Discovery Lake.

Robelle Domain is the ‘green lungs’ of the city, a central open green space corridor that connects the community of Greater Springfield and provides more than 11 kilometres of boardwalks, walking and cycle tracks, sports fields and playgrounds.

There is an abundance of recreational activities for you to enjoy at Greater Springfield – golf, tennis, golf, canoeing at the lakes, swimming lagoon (opened September 2015), bushwalking at spring mountain and bike riding.

The Green Space Master Plan

Greater Springfield continues to deliver on the promised 30% green spaces throughout the city’s 2,860ha. The award winning master plan demonstrates that dedication to the local environment has always been a non-negotiable, to ensure residents can work, rest, learn and play all within close proximity.

City founder and visionary Maha Sinnathamby, says green space is and always will be integral to  Greater Springfield’s master plan. “This plan incidentally focusses on integrated concepts of health, education and IT with a view to very high living standards and of course green space is included very strongly in every part of that” Maha said.

Why Parks, Recreational Facilities, and Green Spaces are Important for Your Lifestyle and Family

For families, Greater Springfield’s parks and recreational facilities provide the perfect green spaces for children to play. Here are some additional benefits of green living for children.

1. Green Living is Better Quality Living

Green Living and Green Spaces like Robelle Domain are good for your children's health

Green spaces help filter smoke, dust and air pollution. The oxygen generated by green spaces as small as 15m2 is enough for a family of four daily. This is particularly important for reducing the impact of asthma and other breathing disorders common for children.

2. Improved Socialisation

Green spaces bring families together and build community. Robelle Domain, Orion Lagoon, and the wider network of parklands allow families to enjoy walking trails together and bond through enjoying picnics, water play, and a  wide range of sporting facilities including the world class Brookwater Golf Course designed by Greg Norman Community events like the Springfield Markets and seasonal festivals help people build connections.

Brookwater Golf Course designed by Greg Norman

Brookwater Golf Course designed by Greg Norman

3. Improved Physical Health

Parks improve public health and relieve the stresses of city life as they provide outlets to exercise and improve physical health. Strong general evidence demonstrates that when people have access to parks they exercise more, which reduces the risk of a wide range of diseases.

Green Spaces are ideal for better physical health

4. Improved Mental Wellbeing

The mental health benefits of parks go beyond the obvious in that increased physical activity helps enhance psychological wellbeing. Direct exposure to nature helps in reducing stress and increasing happiness almost immediately. Subsequently, contact with natural world improves children’s psychological health, enables better emotional stability, and has been noted to train the brain to focus better, reducing symptoms of ADHD.

Greater Springfield – Where the Grass is Greener

Over the past decade, interest in city parks and green areas has revived and we’re happy to say it has always been at the core of Greater Springfield’s master plan. To enquire about making the move to Greater Springfield, please contact one of our residential experts.