Maha Sinnathamby Ideas and Imagination Award – Shaping your city (Deadline Extended)

In a year when learning has continued to be challenged for students around the globe, students in Greater Springfield have once again been invited to unleash their imagination and creative thinking while putting themselves in the shoes of a city builder.

The Maha Sinnathamby Ideas & Imagination Award, sponsored by Maha Sinnathamby AM – Chairman and Founder of Springfield City Group, is an fantastic opportunity for students to voice their ideas and dreams for the city they call home, to put themselves in the shoes of a city builder.

The Awards is open to students in Primary School and High School across the Greater Springfield Learning Coalition. Students entering the Award will respond with imaginative ideas to the following questions.

  1. What would you like to see more of in Greater Springfield?
  2. How can Greater Springfield be a better place?

Entries should be creative and in whichever creative form the student likes: from a collage, poem, short written response, video, a coding game and more! Please email submissions to Sophia at

Entries are now due by Monday 15 November 2021. Winners will be announced by mid-November with a ceremony held at Springfield City Group in November with prizes presented.

Prizes will be awarded as follows.

  • High School Winning Submission: $200
  • High School Runner up Submission: $100
  • Primary School Winning Submission: $100
  • Primary School Runner up Submission: $50

Terms and conditions: In participating in this competition, you consent to have results of the competition and photos of winning submission entrants being used for media and social media.

For more information check out the Guidelines, Primary School Flyer, and High School Flyer here.

Guidelines – Click here to download

Primary School Flyer – Click here to download

High School Flyer – Click here to download