On the 8 January 2018, Springfield Land Corporation became Springfield City Group. The new name is designed to better reflect the changing face of our business after twenty-five years of building and believing.

There will be no change to our corporate ownership, business address or contact numbers. You will, however, see some changes to our websites, email addresses, livery and digital profile as we progress a slightly different look and feel for what we do.

Since 1992, Springfield City Group has become increasingly involved in various elements of the health, education, information technology and other industries as we implement our internationally award-winning master plan. As we move into the next quarter of a century, we will expand on those endeavours and an appropriate name change will support that.

Greater Springfield has so far attracted nearly $15bn in both private and public investment and is growing at an estimated average of around $700m per annum. Springfield City Group will continue to pursue and coordinate the increasing local, national and international interest that is being generated in Greater Springfield.

As a city-within-a-city, Greater Springfield remains committed to supporting the City of Ipswich and the wider Western Corridor as we drive job creation, and other opportunities, for our community and the region. As a multi-billion-dollar contributor to the Queensland economy, Greater Springfield is committed to advancing our State and to building the nation by setting benchmarks for others to strive towards and an example for others to follow.

Thank you for your support so far and we look forward to furthering the friendship between us as Springfield City Group.