Oz Brainiac Kids Tutoring Centre Opens its doors to Springfield Central This February

When it comes to education, Greater Springfield teacher Garima Shekhawat has a passion for seeing students of all ages excel.


Mrs Shekhawat, a teacher for several large Australian organisations, is opening Oz Brainiac Kids Tutoring Centre in Springfield Central in February.


Mrs Shekhawat, a mother-of- three, decided to invest in the area after getting a ‘great response’ after starting her own tutoring centre.


“There’s so many schools in the Greater Springfield area to cover and so many young Indian families who need tutoring for their children,” she said.


“I got an amazing response from the community and people started talking about me because of my teaching methodology and the grades reflected in their children’s report cards.


“Until now, I have taught hundreds of kids and prepared many for the Queensland Academy entrance test, MAGNA academic excellence program and ACER test. My own daughter’s passed the QASMT entrance test and are attending the school.”


A Springfield Lakes resident, Mrs Shekhawat lives at The Peninsula, close to the lake, with her husband and three children aged 14, 12 and 8.


“It’s such a quiet area, and so community orientated. The spirit of the people is good and I feel safe here,” she said.


Her son attends St Peters Lutheran College and two daughters attend Toowong’s Queensland Academy for Science Mathematics and Technology.


Born and raised in Rajasthan India, Mrs Shekhawat was married at the age of 26 and moved to the USA with her husband in 2006.


“My father, who worked as a professor of philosophy in Rajasthan University, and is an author of several books, encouraged me to make education my priority,” she said.


“I grew up in an environment where wisdom and analysis were respected, and home was always full of logic. My family believed that education is priceless- not just a gateway to career.”


After finishing her college education, she started her teaching career in one of the reputed schools of Jaipur, Rukmani Birla Modern High School.


Mrs Shekhawat said: “It took me a while to get adjusted to the culture and climate but soon my life was on track”.


“I enrolled myself in Oklahoma State University to pursue higher education, but due to my critical pregnancies I could not complete my studies.


“I started tutoring children of our friends and neighbourhood as it was an ideal fit for me because of my young family and the flexibility it provided me.”


Mrs Shekhawat said she was born to be a teacher.


“I love young kids, and love helping them. I am really passionate about it, not the money,” she said.


Having lived in America for 11 years, Mrs Shekhawat admitted she was reluctant to make the move to Queensland.


After finding out about Greater Springfield via a Google search, her family relocated and haven’t looked back.


“It’s such an evolving community. There’s so much development and it’s growing so rapidly,” she said.


“The infrastructure here is so good. I hardly go to Brisbane city anymore. Everything is here – schools, shopping centres and parks.”


She said education was important and having a variety of schools and facilities available in the ever expanding Greater Springfield was testament to the master planned community.