Raw Energy celebrates two year anniversary

It may sound like just another juice bar, but this family-run Greater Springfield café is in fact co-owned by a nutritionist and features everything from in-house raw dessert slices to gourmet burgers and salads.

Owners Kirstie and Tim Sharman along with Kirstie’s mum, Jeanine Buchanan, are the team behind Raw Energy Springfield and recently celebrated two years since getting their dream venture off the ground.

Celebrating: Two-year anniversary

Who: Jeanine Buchanan
What? Raw Energy
Where: GE Building
Why Greater Springfield?

“Raw Energy was originally Kirstie and Tim’s dream and was inspired from a time when Kirstie used to holiday at the Sunshine Coast and visit the Raw Energy café there,” Ms Buchanan said.

“We’ve been locals here since 1982, so were very familiar with the area and the community has really embraced us. “It’s been wonderful getting to know the regulars and to be able to offer a place where people can pop in and feel at ease.

“Kirstie also has a degree in nutrition and did a lot of research before making the decision to invest in the brand.

“She liked that it’s not like your typical franchise as most decisions regarding operations are made in-house.

“Kirstie is also full of knowledge, she can explain to our customers what is in the food and why we choose to use certain ingredients, so that’s another huge benefit to the business.”

Highlights over the last two years?

Ms Buchanan said the team were extremely proud of the hard work they had put in since opening and spreading the word about what they had to offer.

“When we first opened people thought we were simply a juice bar, but they quickly found out we were so much more than that,” Ms Buchanan said.

“Being able to educate people that we sell a range of healthy, fresh and vibrant foods sourced mainly from local businesses has been important and we encourage anyone who aspires to living a healthy life to come and see us.

“Everything is also made fresh, in-house which we are very proud of and one of the highlights for me personally has been making the raw slices.
“When I think back to what I was originally making and what I have achieved now, it’s wonderful and the customers now often affectionately refer to me as ‘Mama Jeanine’.”

To the future….

“On the family front, Tim and Kirstie welcomed their first baby, Claire, to the world earlier this year, so that has added a whole new dimension, but we make it work and tag-team with her care,” she said.

With regards to the business, we’ve just introduced our monthly special which has been well received, so we will continue to do that. “We also understand that it’s important to evolve and grow with the community, so our new kid’s corner is part of keeping the excitement alive around our business.”