Shifting Health by Design: Exploration on Engaging the Ageing Population, the Future of Ageing

As we progress the first exploration in the Shifting Health by Design series, we are excited to share that an Ideation “Think Tank” Workshop was held on 20 July 2017 in the Aurecon Brisbane office to ideate a future narrative of how we can positively change the way we advance in life.

The objective of this specific exploration titled ‘Engaging the Ageing Population, the Future of Ageing’ is to facilitate a disruption in the way people think and feel about aging, a shift from the traditional way of thinking about ‘getting old’ to thinking that a new chapter in life is beginning.

Using a Design Thinking approach to spark innovation, Aurecon’s Chief Innovation Officer, John McGuire took the participants through an exploration of the current state or ‘what is’, unpacking how people currently feel about and experience ageing. Prior to the workshop, interviews were conducted with members of the community from various age groups as well as care providers to better understand people’s needs and pain points as it relates to ageing. During the workshop, key themes and stories from these interviews were shared with participants in order to facilitate this exploration of the current “what is” state.

The second half of the workshop then explored the “what if”, an exploration of what the future might hold and ideation of how we can disrupt the way we currently think and feel about ageing. To conclude the workshop, participants took the ideas they generated and told the story of how in the future, these ideas have met the needs of the community, and addressed the pain points uncovered through the interviews and research conducted.

Participants of the Ideation Workshop included clinicians from Mater Misericordiae Ltd. and Mobile Rehab, academics from QUT, USQ and Griffith University, the CEO of UQ Health Care, the Chair of the Aged Care Financing Authority, Aveo Group, Springfield City Group and Aurecon.

The ideas developed at the workshop will now be tested with members of the community as part of a focus group including those initially interviewed. Please stay tuned here for further updates on these upcoming activities, follow the updates on twitter via the hashtags #shiftinghealth and #thefutureofageing, or for more information or to find out how you can get involved, please contact us via