New year, new you. The new year gives you the opportunity for a fresh start and to get on top of what fell behind during the past year or setting some new goals. Your new year goals might be to lose weight; it might be to start playing a new sport; it might even be to stop sleeping through the seven alarms you’ve set in the morning between six and six thirty! But what is certain, is that whatever those objectives may be, Greater Springfield offers a variety of activities, events and initiatives to support and assist residents in the achievement of their new year’s fitness goals.

Designed in a way to facilitate an active lifestyle, the infrastructure in Greater Springfield encourages health and wellness within the community. Accompanying the dedicated Health City precinct, Robelle Domain, the ‘green lungs’ of the emerging city, provides boardwalks of more than 11 kilometres in length, sports fields, and an abundance of walking and cycle tracks. Together, Greater Springfield is there to support resident’s achieving their new year goals and leading a more active and vibrant life in 2018.

Springfield Gyms, Yoga & Workouts

Greater Springfield’s premier gym, Soulfit Studio, is a fresh new gym in Springfield Central, offering the newest and most innovative equipment and training programmes. Located at the ground floor of the World Knowledge Centre and as the only CrossFit affiliate in the Greater Springfield area, Soulfit Studios are proud to offer personalised support and training to the Greater Springfield community. They also offer a huge range of other programs too, including Boxing classes, Boot Camp Programmes and their FitKids classes, dedicated programmes for children 5 and up. Best of all, Soulfit Studio is now also offering a Free 7 Day Pass to try out their programmes and get your new year wellness goals started. Sign up today!

Featuring a broad schedule of classes including Meditation, core, Vinyasa and Bikram yoga, Revive Yoga & Wellness Centre offers programmes with a focus on nurturing, informative and flexible yoga classes tailored to suit your needs and health and fitness goals. Located at Orion Shopping Centre in Springfield Central, achieving your new year goal of a weekly yoga class before or after work has never been easier! Find out more about Springfield yoga here.

New Year Health & Wellness Goals - Yoga

If you’re looking for a more intense workout schedule, then try a 2 week free trial at F45 Springfield, a workout system designed to train you like a professional athlete! The F45 Springfield 8 Week Challenge includes a full schedule to improve your muscle mass, lose weight and achieve your new year fitness and nutrition goals. With daily meal plans and recipes, weekly blogs and videos and regular training classes, F45 Springfield is a gym ready to offer you a challenge like nowhere else. Claim your free 2-week trial today!

Aveo Springfield is now pleased to begin providing free exercise classes designed for seniors and facilitated by experienced physiotherapists. You’ll be able to join in two classes, Tai Chi and Pilates, at the Aveo Springfield Auditorium. Tai Chi takes place every Monday at10am with Pilates classes on Thursdays at 9 am. Best of all, classes are free and available for both residents of Aveo Springfield and seniors of the wider community! So, put on something comfortable and join in some exercise perfect for health and wellbeing. You can find out more information about the classes at Aveo Springfield or give them a call on 13 28 36.

Running with the Springfield Runners Club and the Augustine Heights Park Run

If you’re looking for a more cardio and outdoors-based activity, outside of Springfield’s gym, then look no further – the Springfield Runners Club Beginners Program is Back! The Springfield Runners Club maintains an up-to-date weekly and monthly schedule of events that are free for anyone to join. The variety of activities cater for all levels of fitness, with a consistent 5K Time Trial every month to provide an opportunity for those who wish to gauge improvements in their new year fitness goals as the year progresses.

Running in Greater Springfield

The  Augustine Heights Park Run, held each Saturday at 7:00 am, is a casual 5km run using the local shared pathways around the city. Every Park Run uses age grading to help competitors compare their time against world record pace for their gender and age group. This provides another opportunity for Greater Springfielder’s to track health and wellness progress on their way to achieving their new year goals.

For those beginner’s runners looking to find their stride, the Springfield Runners Club has three beginner programs beginning in the new year of 2019. These start with a 0 to 10 km run leading up to Brisbane’s Great South Run, a 10km to half marathon leading up to Gold Coast Marathon and a 0 to 15 km leading up to Gold Coast 50.

The first program will start Monday 21 January 2019 with an info session/meet and greet on Sunday 13 Jan 19. This will be a 10-week program, suitable for anyone looking to get into their running, from those new to running entirely to anyone looking to improve and continue developing. This program will cover the basics of running technique and form, help to build fitness and is a great experience to meet like-minded people and challenge yourself. At the completion of this plan we encourage you to participate in Great South’s 10 km event, which is the Weekend after the plan finishes.

Greater Springfield Runners Club & Augustine Heights Park Run

The second 10-week block will be 10 km to half marathon plan starting on Monday 22 April. This will be a good opportunity for those who have just completed 10 km to progress to a half marathon. This program will build on the previous 0 – 10 km plan and take a very similar structure. You will continue to build your fitness, technique and experience as a runner. This training plan will gear towards the Gold Coast Marathon, which is one of SRG’s biggest events of the year. Last year we were the 3rd biggest team and we hope to have even greater participation in 2019.

The third session will differ from previous years, with a 0 – 15 km training plan over a longer time with the aim of completing the 15 km run at Gold coast 50. The training will start on Monday 5 August. This will be approximately an 18-week plan, taking a little bit longer, progressing towards the 15 km run. The exact time frame of this program will be confirmed once the dates for Gold Coast 50 in 2019 are released.

The program will be run on Monday and Wednesday’s, both 5 am and 7 pm sessions. Participants are encouraged to come to the meet and greet prior to the start of each plan. These sessions will provide information about the Springfield Runner’s Club as a group, introduce you to the beginner run leaders, the Springfield Runner’s Club committee, our sponsors and highlight the benefits of being a financial member.

So, if you’ve been looking for a free form of fun exercise with a great community, what do you have to lose? Find out more about the Augustine Heights Park Run and the Springfield Runners Group.

Education and Cultural Pursuits

Dance & Performing Arts in Springfield

If you’re looking for a bit of flair to your exercise why not enrol in a class with Prestige Dance Centre offering instruction in ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary, hip hop, acrobatics, pilates and range of classes for children and teenagers, Prestige Dance Centre has something for everyone!

If your new year goal is to improve your public speaking, acting, music or even learn circus acrobatics, then get in touch with the Springfield Studio of Performing Arts. Celebrating 10 years of Arts Education in Springfield, the studio offers both group and private lessons in a diverse range of performing arts skills for tiny tots, school-aged and adults.

New Year Health & Wellness Goals - Dance and Ballet

Outdoor Activities & Outdoor Exercise in Greater Springfield

Only a 20 to 30-minute drive from the Greater Springfield city centre, the Spring Mountain Conservation Estate is home to twelve unique tracks ranging from 200m to 19km return, accommodating all fitness levels. White Rock, featuring distinctive sculptured, rocky outcrops, extensive forested ridges and valleys with amazing wildlife, allows visitors to partake in an array of recreational activities that include hiking, horse riding and mountain biking, providing some enjoyable alternatives for embracing your new year health and wellness goals in 2018.

Additionally, the Springfield Centenary Club brings kayaking and canoeing to the emerging city, providing activities and lessons for all ages. The aim of the club is to promote fitness through a fun sport that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Competitions and events for men, women and mixed teams are organised throughout the year, providing a chance for the community to showcase their skills while on their way to improving their health and wellness.

If you’re looking to make the most of Greater Springfield’s many green spaces, get involved in the Active Parks Program. With a wealth of activities including Yoga, Aqua Fitness, Boxercise and Zumba, there’s a session to match you and your lifestyle. Find out more and register for the Active Parks Program today!

Greater Springfield Sports Clubs & Facilities

The social and competitive sporting scene in Greater Springfield is another great way to start realising your new year goals – and there’s so many options to choose from!

You can enjoy a round of Golf at Queenslands Number One Golf course. For those who are uninitiated to the world of Golf, Brookwater Golf & Country Club offer  both group private lessons at the Queensland Number One public access golf course.  Brookwater Golf Course & Country Club, with coaching available for juniors and adults and a dedicated Ladies Get Golf Ready program.

If golf isn’t for you, then there’s still plenty of fitness and sports options available – get on court or receive private coaching via Baseline Tennis Coaching, swimming through Peter McMahon’s Swim Factory with Netball, Basketball, AFL and Cricket all available with fantastic communities in Greater Springfield. Not only is playing sport a great way to exercise and maintain fitness but makes following through on health and fitness goals that much easier through the fostering of new friendships.Tennis Club in Greater Springfield













The Ipswich City Council also offers a fantastic range of sporting and exercise activities for all age groups and you can also begin familiarising yourself with Greater Springfield’s local sports options to see which recreational option is to your liking!

With Education a key pillar of the Greater Springfield masterplan, perhaps 2019 is the year for learning new skills, enrolling in tertiary study or pursuing a long held goal. Whatever your new year goals may be for 2018, Greater Springfield has everything you need for you to achieve your health and wellness & educational ambitions!