Springfield City Group staff and colleagues swapped their corporate kit for workboots and shovels all in the name of a good cause.

Springfield City Group Managing Director Bob Sharpless said the day had been a chance for Springfield corporates to help friends and neighbours affected by the devastating floods.

“Parks are an important community space but they were not the first priority for communities in Ipswich and Goodna coping with the devastation of the floods,” Mr Sharpless said.

“With council officers assisting people in Ipswich and Goodna with their homes and businesses to get back on their feet we felt there was a chance to help out with a community area.”

Mr Sharpless said volunteers from Springfield City Group, Brookwater and Springfield Tower restored Evan Marginson Park (home of the Jacaranda Festival).

“We cleaned and disinfected the playground, the barbeque and undercover facilities, the paths and the amenity block before laying down clean, fresh soft-fall,” Mr Sharpless said.

“It was a great opportunity to work together as a team and to help those around us affected by the floods.”