Simple things like washing your own clothes or having a doorbell are things most people take for granted, but not Springfield Central’s Ronda Bennett. The 62-year-old mother of two has lived with Multiple Sclerosis since 2001 and until recently, answering her door independently or inviting over friends were things she could only dream of.

Mrs Bennett moved into the Project Dignity 120 Springfield Apartments in May 2018 and said the transition from her former nursing home residence to the serviced apartments meant she felt the most alive she had in years. “Greater Springfield and MS Queensland have given me the opportunity and ability to live independently with some support,” Mrs Bennett said.

“It’s given me some really good life skills which I had lost in a nursing home situation and I just love that now I don’t need to put my name on my clothes and I can do all my laundry by myself. We have some really good people here, both staff and residents and I can now get around Orion Shopping Centre independently thanks to their support. “The last place I lived was the best they could provide at the time, but this is a whole new movement in care and living in Springfield has made me a person again. It’s amazing.”

Last week was World MS Day and this year’s theme #MyInvisibleMS was about giving a voice to people like Ronda living with the invisible symptoms of MS.
Nearly 4,000 people across the state are living with the condition, with varying symptoms and care requirements.The Project Dignity 120 Springfield Apartments were officially opened in 2018 and are the first of a series of high-need independent living apartments MS Queensland will build across the State.

MS Queensland CEO Gerard Menses said the Springfield Apartments were specifically designed and adaptable to a person’s changing needs and circumstances. “MS Queensland’s Springfield Apartments are giving people back their dignity and the choice and control over where they live and who they live with,” Mr Menses said.

“The apartments offer our residents the access and connection to everything a master-planned community like Springfield has to offer.”Springfield City Group managing director Raynuha Sinnathamby said health was one of the key focus areas for Greater Springfield and delivering first-class health facilities was a top priority for the city. “The MS Queensland Springfield Apartments are located at the heart of our Health City precinct and we are very proud to be the home of this State of the Art facility,” Ms Sinnathamby said. “Being located in one of the fastest-growing regions in South-East Queensland, Greater Springfield is committed to keeping up with the demand for a range of health services, not only for our residents but for people in the Western Corridor and beyond.”