Springfield City Group – Sustainability

30% Green Space

When Greater Springfield was founded nearly 25 years ago, one of its founding promises was to retain 30% green space across the intended city’s 2,860ha. Greater Springfield’s world-award winning master plan continues to provide for this sustainability initiative, with world best practice environmental design principles incorporated at every level.

Green space in the suburbs

With almost 1000 ha of the 2,860ha Greater Springfield development dedicated to green open space, it is no surprise that all of Greater Springfield’s suburbs have parklands with bikepaths and numerous lakes are given a number of focal points. Robelle Domain, the city’s 24ha central parkland, acts as the green spine to the entire city.

Brookwater, is another example of Greater Springfield’s sustainability initiative. With limited cut and fill, the homes are designed to marry with the surrounding natural landform. There is also an architectural and landscaping standard ensuring all homes are individual in design yet complement the unique natural landscape.

City founder and visionary Maha Sinnathamby, who continues to closely Chair the project’s $85B roll out, says green space is and always will be integral to the Greater Springfield master plan.

Zero Net Energy by 2038

Multinational energy conglomerate Engie has Springfield on its list of partners, along with Singapore, Paris and Barcelona, as part of a historic 50-year strategic alliance to invest in renewable energy generation and storage infrastructure, district energy schemes, green mobility solutions, energy efficiency initiatives and a dedicated research and innovation centre.

As part of ENGIE’s partnership with Greater Springfield we are the first city in the world to have a detailed action plan to become zero net energy by 2038.

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Sustainable Design

The city is already home to some of the most sustainable buildings in the country.  The Springfield Tower and futuristic GE Building both have been given a Green Star Rating greater by the GBCA.

The Springfield Tower features an energy saving design that includes double glazed windows and innovative sun control measures with an advanced integrated building management system. It has a 4 Star Green Star (Office as built) rating by the GBCA. Its environmental pedigree is a direct result of Springfield’s strict planning rules and sustainability initiative.

Likewise, the GE Building has a 5 Star Green Star (Office as built v3 2016) rating, while meeting PCA ‘A’ Grade standards. With a solar design strategy, the roofed portion of the courtyard provides shade in summer and its angled roof louvres attracts sun into the building’s heart in winter. Overall, the building provides strong workplace connections to the natural environment, including the indoor/outdoor nature of the commercial spaces, the focus of the internal environment on the courtyard and the northern orientation of the courtyard and its connection to the parklands.

According to the plan’s original architect this unwavering dedication to the local environment is non-negotiable and forms a critical reason for why residents can work, rest, learn and play all within close proximity. ” This plan incidentally focusses on integrated concepts of health, education and IT with a view to very high living standards and of course green space is included very strongly in every part of that” Maha said.

All these standards combined have given the project human scale, allowing for more social interaction and a better quality of living.