It might be the ideal for some, but for Beijing-born couple Rebecca Shi and Luke Yin, busy CBD living can’t compare to sprawling, open green space.The couple immigrated to Australia in 2009 and have the world at their feet, with great jobs, two dog babies and a strong friend network.

Both are accountants in South Brisbane and up until recently, lived in an apartment not far from work.Despite the short morning commute, Mrs Shi said she longed for a life where she could breathe and not feel boxed in by her surroundings. “While living in an apartment in South Brisbane was convenient, it was very busy with so many people and businesses around us- it just didn’t feel like a home,” Mrs Shi said.“We decided we wanted to build our dream home as we had the budget for it, so we started searching in different areas like Forest Lake, Rochedale and Brookwater.

“After looking at Forest Lake we decided we didn’t like the suburb or community because even though some houses had decent size land offerings, the prices didn’t match the house or the suburb.
“Rochedale in my opinion is a marketing miracle because it’s not designed for comfortable living.

“I have three friends who have purchased land there and it is so small compared to what you pay for and all the neighbours are nearly touching.
“So while the location might be a bit more convenient to the city, I hear it still takes around an hour to get to work in the morning.”

Safety was another key deciding factor for the couple, as well as strong community values and amenities, who have hopes of starting a family in the near future.
Mrs Shi said it was after looking at Rochedale and Forest Lake that they came across the Brookwater Residential website.

Despite golf course living being quite foreign to the couple, she said she and her husband were intrigued to find out more.
“Coming from Beijing we’re not golf people, but as soon as I heard about the idea, I thought it must be very nice but very expensive,” she said.

“We met with the sales consultant Hayley who showed us the land on a golf buggy and as soon as I felt the breeze in my face, I fell in love straight away. “We had a look at different lots and came to The Address which had land size of around 600 square meters which was ideal.

“It also offered a gated community which they didn’t have in Rochedale and the houses there were very condensed and crowded, with no open space, garden or backyard.”
After seeing the land and what the community had to offer, it didn’t take long for the couple to decide it was the place to build their dream home and are now proud to call themselves Brookwater residents.

Mrs Shi said she knew the decision to build in Brookwater would continue to reward them long into the future. “At the back of our house is the Tee Two fairway and the view is so beautiful,” she said.“The houses here are quite spacious and the neighbours are very friendly, plus this area is so quiet, we couldn’t ask for more.

“Woolworths is just a few minutes from here, plus the University of Southern Queensland and Mater Private Hospital are not far away either.

“We also like that the train station is not far, plus the Orion Shopping Centre is huge, so for people looking for a good investment, we can’t recommend Brookwater enough. “You definitely get what you pay for.”